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Distance from your apartment: 47 km

Volterra is situated on a hill, surrounded by walls that dominate the surrounding area. The city and its beautiful territory, are probably in Tuscany one of the most varied and rich of attractions. The historical tradition joins a wonderful nature, which offers, from morphology, vegetation and fauna, a very important heritage.

History has left in this city an indelible mark from the Etruscan period until the 19th century. A lot of great monuments and arts which you may simply look at when walking through the streets of the historical center or visiting the city museums: the Etruscan Museum, the Civic Art Gallery, the Museum of Sacred Art and the Ecomuseum of Alabaster.

In addition to the above, in Volterra the landscape is still untouched with a quality of life and a human dimension with an artistic local handcraft unique in the world: Alabaster.

Volterra is about 47 km from Villa La Cappella.

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