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Right nearby: Tuscan highlights to explore & places to visit


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Distance from your apartment: 70 km

Lucca, an Italian town of 89,788 inhabitants, famous for its historical monuments and the intact 16th century city wall, considered one of the major cities of art in Italy. Officially, of Roman origin, but of probable earlier settlements, Lucca maintained its autonomy as an independent state for many centuries, until just before the unification of Italy.

It is possible to access the city through the walls through six gates built between 1500 and the early '900. The old town has preserved its medieval appearance, thanks to the valuable architectures, the old and numerous churches (Lucca is also called the city of 100 churches), the many towers, bell towers and monumental renaissance buildings.

The city monuments highlight the different ways in which the "Lucchesi" interpreted the unified message. The Tuscan city, in fact, joined the unification process in an original way, whereas before the annexation to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and then the one to the Kingdom of Italy acted a strong desire to preserve the cultural roots of the community. Lucca then chose to celebrate the independence and national unity embellishing and decorating with new monuments in its historic center.

Lucca is about 70 km from Villa La Cappella.

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