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Distance from your apartment: 50 km

Siena, located 322 meters above sea level, on top of three hills, is one of the most beautiful and ancient towns of Tuscany, rich in monuments, noble palaces, museums, art. Its history is very long, dating back to the ancient Etruscans, as evidenced by numerous and interesting archaeological findings.

Siena was originally a small Etruscan village, submitted later by the Romans. In medieval times, over the years, Siena became an important commercial center (thanks to the realization of the Via Francigena, the road that linked Rome to France), there was also a substantial growth in population and the urban core.

The city is universally known for its enormous historic, artistic landscape as well as for its famous Palio which is the most important and famous Sienese festival, has become a symbol of the former greatness of the city and the districts, very many before, today they are 17, have remained the custodians of a collective identity is both belonging to each ward.

In 1995 its historic center was included by UNESCO in the World Heritage. In addition to the famous Piazza del Campo, one of the most important monuments, there are the cathedral and the "Palazzo Comunale" completed in 1340.
This is the oldest public building in Italy which has preserved over the centuries its original function.

Siena is about 50 km from Villa La Cappella.

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